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The Strasmore backup

With our cloud, you can take advantage of a secure, durable, and highly-scalable platform for storing your important data. Our system is built on ZFS and zaidz3 mirrors, enterprise redundancy, and unlimited transfer so that you can always access your data—even through the supplied chroot.

How we help our customers

We want to give our customers the ability to choose how they create and access their data, not dictate terms like other backup solutions. We support rsync, SFTP, SCP, git-annex, duplicity, rdiff-backup, and unison, all of which can receive support from our friendly engineers.

Open platform

Our open, flexible platform lets you decide which backup solution works for you, even if you’re using rsync and custom scripts. And we’ll help support it.

Integration support

If you have a unique backup process, our friendly engineers will help ensure compatibility with our cloud so that your nightly backups don’t miss a beat.

Global Locations

By giving our customers options, Strasmore ensures you can select which area makes sense for your data. Geo-redundancy add-ons adds even more resiliency.

Unlimited transfer

We believe that when things go wrong, you shouldn’t get stuck with yet another bill. Unlimited transfer gives you flexibility and peace of mind, no matter what.

Free filesystem snapshots

Seven snapshots of your entire filesystem are taken on a daily basis, allowing you to easily view and restore single files and entire backups.


Need to retain emails or other sensitive data? Our highly-secure datacenters, plus proactive security, ensure you keep important data without it getting out of your hands.

We do backups better

It’s time to experience the Strasmore difference with your data

DIY Raw Storage

Starts at $99month
  • Unlimited transfer
  • US, EU, or HK datacenters
  • 7 free daily snapshots

Managed Backups

Starts at $199month
  • Unlimited transfer
  • US, EU, or HK datacenters
  • 7 free daily snapshots
  • Engineering support